Reading summaries on Apple Devices from India

Apple Inc.iTunes currently does not sell e-books in India. So, my summaries are also not available through iTunes in India.

But worry not! You can always buy them from and you will receive a DRM-free epub. You can load that into your iTunes and sync with other Apple devices.


Unable to buy on Kindle?

Kindle 3 moved all major operates to the botto...

For some reason only they understand, Kindle is not making most of the summaries available for purchase outside US. But if you want to read it on kindle, here is a way to do it.

  1. Buy the summary on and send me a mail at with the order number.
  2. I will send you the mobi file that can be loaded to your kindle.

Alternatively, you can also choose to receive it directly on your device through Send-to-Kindle e-mail address.

  1. For this add to your approved personal document e-mail list.
  2. Then e-mail me your Send-to-Kindle e-mail address and order number. I will mail the mobi file to your Kindle e-mail address. By default the document will appear in your “Archived” collection. Sync the device to download it.

I know it isn’t as convenient as one-click Kindle buying. But it isn’t as complicated either. Give it a try 🙂